We Reach For Peaks Of Impossible Light

9 C-Type Fuji Gloss Prints 30cm x 40cm each

We reach for peaks of impossible light is an attempt to record a place in a state of flux, to capture what will be lost and what will remain.

De Beauvoir still stands and 50 years after completion is soon to see new buildings erected changing the available light, space and views.

Landmark for De Beauvoir Estate (Cocoon), made from salvaged scaffold tubes and debris netting, is part sculpture, part architectural model, for an imagined structure that will deliver a statement building that will help regenerate the area.

Such projects rarely achieve this stated goal.   

My intention was to make works that recalled the light, colour and hope of the modernist ideal, reflected and perhaps reenergised fading utopian principles, whilst taking a tongue in cheek look at recent attempts and failures to revive urban landscapes with ‘iconic’ architecture.