The Water Clearer, the Grass Greener

Video, 06:08, 2021

The Water Clearer, The Grass Greener adopts the methodology of the dowser, the camera seeks to connect with the landscape, following hidden energetic clues unseen to the naked eye, forever searching.

The film places the artists own body in focus. The journey of the figure to its destination is unclear - the artist is both present and absent simultaneously. There is an embodiment in the making of the work and a distancing between the artist and audience.

The body is never seen in its entirety, the features of the face are never seen.  The individual hand, foot, arm is given greater vulnerability by being viewed in isolation. Unmoving against the constant flow of water it becomes as the rock over which the stream might run, around which an eddy might be formed.

The film itself meditative. It calls to question the constant search for what is over the next hill, hidden out of view. What begins as a search for hidden water becomes a search for stillness and silence against the constant flow of life as symbolised by the river.

The static body jars against the static noises in the environment, which continue into the darkness beyond the final shot: dry earth in which the only signs of life are a couple of crawling beetles.