One, no one and one hundred thousand

The title taken from the Pirandello book of the same name, One, no one and one hundred thousand is a solo monologue performed only with the hands and voice and first shown at the Camden Peoples Theatre in 2016.

Hunched over a table, facing away from the audience in the dark is a lonely body - only a lamp from above lights the action, making it visible via a camera live feed.

Hands search frantically through all and every image of the figure ever made - pausing, discarding - they are both tender and tough telling a story in the spaces between.

The performance is the tale of a search for identity in a multitude of images we make and share of ourselves.

When we have the power to create limitless self portraits at the touch of a button and send them out into the world instantaneously - what would happen if we stop for a moment and hold them in our hands - look closely and what they tell us - which version of ourselves will we find within them?